Madison → Firenze

Ciao from Italy!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 12.28.33 PM.pngIt has been a crazy last few days. Fortunately my flights went smoothly and I arrived safely in Florence with all of my luggage, thank God, on Wednesday, January 18th. I am now 4,694 miles from home (or so Google Maps tells me) in Florence, the capital and most populous city of Tuscany, Italy. Between orientation, jet lag, class starting, and too much excitement of being in this city, I have been fairly busy so please bear with me while I work to keep you all posted on my adventures. Keep an eye out for more posts coming soon about the things I have been up to thus far (and plenty more pictures of pizza and vino, as to be expected). Missing everyone at home already but I can not wait to share more about my new home of Florence, which I love so much already.

xo, Morgan



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