Week II

It’s hard to believe I’ve been living in Florence for two weeks now. I feel like I just got here. Im beginning to realize how fast my semester here is going to go and to be honest it makes me a little sad already.

So what have I been up to this last week? I think I finally got my class schedule sorted out. I’m taking Italian, Leadership Development, Principles of Engineering from the Renaissance to Modern Times, and Italian Food & Culture. Class isn’t half bad when I get to walk across the Arno River every day. We had a wine tasting in my Food & Culture class this week, which was by far the best class of my college career. We sampled wines that cost more than a college budget can afford (quite an upgrade from Barefoot). My favorites were le Sughere di Frassinello and Vernaccia di San Gimignano (for the winos who want to look those up). I’ve also had the best truffle pasta and tiramisu of my life at Osteria Buongustai and delicious margherita pizza at Gusta Pizza. My roommates and I also frequent Gelateria dei Neri for the best gelato. Nutella Cheesecake and Ricotta Pistachio are my favorite.

Apart from the amazing food and wine, I’ve done a bit more exploring as well. We don’t have class on Fridays so the girls and I spent the day wandering around the city. We strolled through the leather street vendors and around Mercato Centrale. Mercato Centrale is the local market in Florence. Basically Madison’s Farmer’s Market x1000. We also paid a visit to the Gucci Museum. This was my kind of Museum. I was in awe walking through the exhibits of mannequins and handbags and learning the history of the famous designer.

My planner is filling up with trips and plans so quickly and I can’t believe all of the places I will see and things I will experience in the next three months. With weekends away from Florence and only a few days at each destination I’m realizing that I can’t take any moment for granted here. My goal for my time abroad is to live in the moment; set my phone down and be present wherever I am (Don’t worry, I’ll still get plenty of pictures.) With that in mind, my travels outside of Florence begin today. I’m off to Barcelona!

Missing friends and family back home but eagerly awaiting to show my visitors around my new city in March!

Hop over to my images page for more Florence photos 🙂

xo, Morgan



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