i (love) amsterdam

Sorry for such a delayed post about my most recent travels. It has been a beautiful week here in Florence and after a weekend in snowy Amsterdam I have been busy soaking up all the 60 degree weather I can get.

I spent this last weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands and I loved it. I left with my travel buddies, Katie and Kalyn, on Thursday so we were able to enjoy two full days and three nights here. It also just so happened that these two days were the first two days that Amsterdam has seen snow this year (or so another conversation with a cab driver led me to believe). Regardless, it was a beautiful snowfall that only seemed to make the city even more spectacular. Most of our time here was spent wandering these little streets, admiring the snow covered buildings and canals. Fun Fact: Amsterdam actually has more canals than Venice. On Friday I had the chance to view the city from these canals. We met up with some of our friends from Barcelona and hopped on a boat for our canal cruise tour, getting a unique perspective of the city, famous historical landmarks and a close up look at the many houseboats that line the canals. Our cruise ended at the original Heineken Brewery for our Heineken Experience tour, where we learned about the history and production of the beer and of course sampled it.

After a refreshing Heineken (or two) we stopped into a little pub for a drink and some apps. Here we were introduced to what became our favorite Dutch food of this trip; bitterballen. Bitterbal, or what we referred to as “deep fried mashed potatoes”, is a meat-based Dutch snack filled with a mixture of meat, broth and butter and is typically served with a mustard dipping sauce. Sounds weird I know, but seriously so good. The rest of our night was spent strolling around the city, grabbing dinner with the girls and paying a visit to the infamous red light district, a unique experience to say the least.

The snow put a slight change in our original Saturday plans to rent bikes after deciding we weren’t prepared to conquer the snowy streets. Instead, we enjoyed the best brunch I have ever had at the highly recommended Bakers & Roasters.

After eating our weight in pancakes and eggs, we took another daily walk around the city and got our obligatory tourist photo at the i amsterdam sign outside of Rijksmuseum. Unfortunately plans changed again when we saw that line for the Anne Frank House was blocks long. Pro tip: book tickets for the Anne Frank House before your trip so you don’t have to endure this line. We settled with just viewing the house from the outside which was still unbelievable.

Our weekend in Amsterdam ended at Tuin 10, an adorable restaurant in the Jordaan neighborhood, eating burgers and of course more bitterballen. Surprisingly there were a lot burger places in Amsterdam and to be honest it was nice feeling like I was back in Madison eating a burger and Amsterdam’s delicious frites. After a great (and cold) weekend in Amsterdam I am eager to come back to the city again in the future, preferably in warmer weather.

Despite loving the city of Amsterdam, I am glad to be back in the warm weather of Florence. Being away for the weekends always makes me a little homesick for Florence. I’m glad to be taking a few weekends off of traveling out of the country. Tomorrow I am headed to Rome for the night with my school and am excited to have the entire next weekend dedicated to Florence. Ciao for now!

xo, Morgan


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