Holy Cannoli, Sicily

I decided to join a few other girls from my program on a weekend getaway to Taormina, Sicily. Having ancestors from Sicily, I was hoping to get here during my time in Italy but had figured I didn’t have any more room in my busy travel agenda. A last minute decision and change of plans lead me to purchasing a plane and train ticket to the largest Mediterranean Island.

After running to catch a train, a sketchy train station, a winding drive up the mountain with one sweet cab driver (Daniele, who ended up being one of my favorite people and saved our lives driving us up and down the mountain whenever we got lost), and misreading Google maps directions, we finally arrived at our Airbnb in Taormina around 10pm. Tired and hungry we went on a search through the quiet Sicilian streets for something to eat. After walking a few different directions with no luck of finding any open stores or restaurants we were about to call it a night when we saw a lit up sign and people at the bottom of the hill. The staff welcomed us with open arms and the chef came out to tell us he would reopen the kitchen and make two of their best pasta dishes for us. Maybe it was just the fact that I was hungry after a day of travel but wow was it the best pasta I think I have ever had…ever. Huge should out to Trattoria Tiramisu for being our savior that night and the entire weekend at that – we ended up coming back the next night for drinks and desert and the day after that for a last meal in Sicily.

With no plans for the weekend we asked the waiter for a few recommendations for what to explore while here. He gave us a long list of must do’s in Taormina and we were sure to fit everything into the next day and a half.

Holy cannoli Sicily is beautiful.

From Volcano views to walking on a beach to hiking up the cliffs, my time in Taormina was unlike any trip I’ve been on during my time abroad. Taormina is a town located on a hilltop on the east coast of Sicily. It’s a popular tourist destination with plenty of attractions like active volcano, Mt. Etna, beaches, an ancient greek theater, and plenty of panoramic hilltop views. Being that it isn’t tourist season yet, the town was rather quiet and a relaxing change of pace from the city life of Florence.

Being the planner that I am, it was difficult for me to let go of having no plans before the trip but it was such a nice change going into it with no expectations. I loved strolling down the streets with no particular route and deciding what to do on a whim. Some of my favorites parts of this trip were wandering down the curvy streets and staircases of the mountains, trying to find our way to the beach or the train station.

Sitting on the stones in the Mediterranean sea on the beach of Taormina made me reflect on my time abroad and how traveling has taught me so much about myself that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I am thankful every day for this life changing experience of being abroad. I wish I could better explain the sites and feelings of all of my experiences but photos will have to do for now (although they don’t do the views justice).

It was an amazing weekend in an amazing place. Check out my Images page for pics from my weekend.

xo, Morgan


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