Tuscan Hike

Ciao! Ugh it’s been a while since I’ve said that. As promised, I am very slowly but surely finishing up my posts and uploading all of my photos. I find myself all too often beginning to upload pictures and getting lost reminiscing scrolling through them all.

One group of photos I came across was from a random Wednesday afternoon when the roomies and I decided to take a bus to a nearby countryside town for an ambitious 5 mile hike. (We may have had a revelation about the amount of bread and pasta we were consuming.) This may have been one of my favorite days. I feel like I say that a lot about multiple days but it was such a random and spontaneous little adventure I will never forget.

The six of us set out after class to hike the trails of a nearby town, Fiesole. The hike started with a view overlooking Florence in the distance and led us through tree covered trails, winding roads, and at one point I’m pretty sure we were just walking through vineyards. Shoutout to my roommate, Mary, for leading us through the through the 5 mile hike without getting us completely lost.

We always joked in Florence that we never see grass or trees since we were living and going to class in the city center so it was refreshing to get out of the city for an afternoon. It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery of the hills and countryside of tuscany. Mary DJ’d our hike with a wide assortment of tunes and Kalyn counted the number of times someone said they “need a drink”. We may not be veteran hikers but it sure was a good time. The day that I listened to Fetty Wap on a Tuscan hike with amazing friends is one I’m sure not to forget.

See more photos from my hike in Fiesole on my Images page!

xo, Morgan