Taste of Tuscany

Ciao a tutti!

I promise I’m still alive and abroad despite not posting for a month. I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks. I can’t complain though because honestly I’ve spent the last three weekends traveling and catching up on sleep, homework and eating paninis in between travels.

The last time I posted was Spring Break . . . wow that feels like forever ago. I’ve been lucky to have not one, but three visitors during my time abroad. I said goodbye to one visitor and the next weekend welcomed my mom and sister to Italy! We spent the weekend walking (and walking and walking) around Rome, drinking our way through chianti, and visiting all of my favorite spots in Florence. Being that it was sister’s first time in Italy and my mom’s first time in Europe I was beyond excited to show them around and spend a long weekend with my favorite ladies in no place other than Italy. I can’t not talk about our day tasting wine in Tuscany, she says while pouring herself a glass of wine.

Wine, Tuscany, and your BFF’s . . . what more does a girl need? If you know me, you know how fond I am of the wonderful beverage that is wine, especially Italian wine. I have had multiple wine tastings in Florence but was waiting to take a trip to vineyards with my mom and sister. We took a bus to Chianti, home of the classic Italian wine, Chianti Classico. Here we visited two wineries in Greve, Chianti. The first was Tenuta Riseccoli, a small family business located between vineyards in the hills of Chianti. We sipped on three of their red wines and enjoyed the Tuscan views.

After a brief stop in the city center of Greve, where we got another glass of wine (obviously), we continued our tour to Santa Margherita, one of Italy’s best known wineries. We tasted another 3 wines, learned about the process of winemaking, and sampled typical regional products *cough* cheese, another one of my favorite things.

It was a day well spent in Tuscany to say the least. Thanks for drinking wine with me all day, mom and Lexi. Check out my Images page for pics of our time in Rome and Florence!

Cin cin! (Cheers!)

xo, Morgan